Florence with the Masses for Easter Sunday, Part 2

We planned our trip with travel in mind- we weren’t just visiting Italy, we were conquering it. After Siena, we took an early morning bus to Florence. Now, had we listened more to the warnings, we might have decided against Easter in Florence, but, alas, we didn’t. And it wasn’t entirely a crazy experience. A […]

Spring Break in Italy, Part 1 Siena

Where did two weeks go? Better question- where did eight months go?! Time speeds up when there isn’t a lot of it left, and I’m sorry to have been MIA. But before we get all sentimental and emotional, let’s jump back in time to a happy place. Italia. The big semana santa in which we get ten days […]

Exploring the Beauty of Portugal

When I first mentioned Portugal, my roommate gave me plenty of recommendations. He had just gone a month earlier and was one of the reasons my interest had sparked. I knew I wanted to do Lisbon, and had debated about including Porto or the south on my itinerary. But the truth was, planning so much […]