When Life Hands You A Hard Earned Lemon

So there I was, having a meltdown yesterday and wilting. The extreme pendulum of emotions swung once more. Today I traveled to Calahorra, taking my first trip outside of Logroño. I think somewhere between feeling like giving up and picturing an hour-long commute by bus, I discovered that, of course, I had to live in Calahorra. That’s why I couldn’t get an apartment here. That’s why everything wasn’t going my way. Because I wasn’t where I was supposed to be.

Enter additional acquaintances who quickly became friends in Calahorra, two apartment tours, and just like that I have an apartment.

I have a place to live.

It’s one of the biggest apartments I have seen thus far, both in viewing them and visiting others at their apartments. And it has a dishwasher. And an oven. And a balcony leading off my room. Now, deep breath. It’s amazing how much stress has been relieved in my life. I mean, I knew I was stressing out, but not exactly how much. I am so excited to cook my own meals and unpack my 70 pound suitcase that has now had quite the adventure around Logroño.

Calahorra is a very beautiful city, and the second biggest in La Rioja. This isn’t actually saying a lot because La Rioja is a small region, but… Calahorra isn’t Logroño but it’s kind of smaller version, and you can actually see amazing views around every corner. (They exist here too but are more hidden- you have to make it out of the city center.)

I took some pictures, though the ones of the apartment don’t convey its beauty. But I assure you, there will be more to come.

Pictures of the piso that almost killed me.

Last night a huge group of people from different programs but all new to the city met up at a local bar. It was great to see the mass amount of others going through the same process, and also wonderful to meet people.

Tomorrow is orientation because, well, we are here to work. Funny how that fades to the background when you’re so focused on other things. So that is supposed to take most of the day and then it’s the weekend again. I have officially been here for a week!

Part of the group that met up last night.

You may be asking yourself, “Why is there a picture of a shoe?” So, as I wandered the city, I stumbled across a hidden path, and this shoe. Arnedo is the top producer of shoes in Spain, and so, in its own way, this shoe was a sign.

The town of Calahorra.

My apartment (piso).