The Long and Winding Road in Spain

The finishing of the never-ending paperwork (kinda).

Yesterday I headed to Logroño to finish turning in all my paperwork. We took this thing called a “Bla Bla Car” which is essentially a friendlier version of Uber. It’s an app that allows people traveling to post space available in their car for a low price. The system reminded me of the slug line that goes down to get to Washington D.C. It actually worked out perfectly, and we were able to get to Logroño in under 30 minutes and see some really incredible views of the mountains.

It was a beautiful day in the city, and good to be back after moving into my apartment in Calahorra. But also amazing to turn in the (kind of) last of our paperwork! I will say that one of the most annoying/craziest things about this entire program are the many levels of paperwork. You have the whole long list for applying. Then the list for the Visa. Then the list for the TIE application. The TIE allows you to stay past the expiration of your Visa. (Which I have feels about for sure because the Visa in total with all necessities probably cost near $200 dollars and it only lasts three months. Why don’t you have us just split the process down the middle and apply for our TIE??)

In the end, it isn’t all that hard as it is frustrating. There are of course the basics that I understand us needing; our bank account information over here so they can pay us, applying for healthcare, a valid ID so we can remain for the school year; the little things like that. But of course, we have to go back to Logroño on Monday to finish the process. And the passport photos I brought along from the US are conveniently the wrong size, so I have added that to my list.

The last few days have been dedicated to getting my bedroom in order. We went to the infamous Primark, which also played a role during my time abroad in England. Primark is the amazing. It’s like Bed, Bath, and Beyond collided with Forever 21 and had a cheap baby. We were able to purchase bedding (and of course I shopped because that’s what I do. I shop.) We looked absolutely absurd making our way back by local city bus and then the bus from Logroño to Calahorra. Eight pillows between us, a quantity of sheets, a mattress pad, and just bags everywhere.

Suffice it to say, the locals stared.

I’ve already started a collection of wine corks and am quite impressed with the dent I have made thus far. Because when in Rome (aka the top wine producing region in Spain) drink.

I also was able to claim a prized possession- the poster from San Mateo. We walked into the Office of Tourism and there they were, laying on the table. I have been (strangely) coveting one of these posters since I first came to Logroño. The lady behind the counter kindly offered one to each of us when she saw my excitement, and so now we have matching posters in each of our rooms. Perfecto!

The eats.

Two of my most recent favorites include tortilla which my roommate taught me to cook. It is as follows:

Thinly sliced potatoes, diced onions, salt/pepper. Cook until soft on the stove. Break and beat three to four eggs depending on your amount of potatoes (if you’re like me you have a lot of potatoes.) Add egg and allow to cook in omelet fashion. Flip and cook other side. Voila. You have just made one of the most simple and filling meals. I added garlic and some rosemary to spice mine up during the cooking process. Here they usually pair it also with a slice of baguette.

My second favorite is simple but the perfect in-between meals snack. I actually had it first as a pincho during San Mateo and quickly became obsessed. Slice a baguette and toast. Add some goat cheese, jamón, and a little bit of raspberry jelly. Consume. In multiple quantities. With wine.

Tomorrow I am going back to Arnedo to visit my second school. I am getting pumped because I officially start next Tuesday. Having this time off has been both a blessing and a curse. It’s hard to settle into a new lifestyle without filling your days.

So having a purpose other than eating will be great. Or rather, having a purpose and eating…