San Mateo Festival and Seeking WiFi

Nothing determines your life more here than free WiFi, and I’ve recently discovered just how much! I only have one GB of data on my phone for the month, and so was trying not to blow through that, all the while trying to keep up with life!

I currently am at a cafe directly next to my new (amazing!) apartment and am bumming their WiFi like it’s my job.

I’m hoping our WiFi will be set up by later tonight or by tomorrow, but I am no longer holding my breath, as here things tend to take time. Lot’s and lot’s of time.

Now, onto San Mateo.

San Mateo was basically a giant drinking fest. The streets were filled with people all ages. Everyone was wearing a traditional scarf, which I later discovered doubles as a bib, and white. I chose the all black ensemble because rumor had it that wine and food is often thrown. And indeed it was. In one of the main squares, hundreds of teenagers made a mosh-pit, children and teens on each others shoulders, dancing along with the techno music that blared through the square and throwing wine. You could see it soaring through the air, water bottles full to the brim and the drunk only too willing to sacrifice it for the sake of the party.

It was awesome.

I did not join in the direct chaos, but instead hung to the side, eventually making my way to buy a bota pictured below. It holds over a bottle of wine and is very fun to spray people with. It’s also perfect to carry around without fear of breakage or spillage.

The streets were filled from eleven on until late into the night with drinking youths and festive adults dragging children and their expressive balloons along. And like all good festivals, any plans that I personally had eventually fell through and instead we wandered the city, took pictures, ate food out of many different bars, and proceeded to drink too much.

The next day, my Air Bnb host invited me to a private wine party before my train to Calahorra. He works for the wine industry. It was so cool! We went to this great wine bar and hung up on the rooftop eating delicious food and even better wine. It was for sure a classier way to enjoy the festivities. The festival goes through the week, with different concerts, bull fights, and other events occurring daily.

I’m sad to miss some of it, but also beyond thankful to quit the bed-surfing life. Here’s to Calahorra and finally unpacking! Apartment post to come 🙂