City Of Light- Attack on Paris

The Attack on Paris

There are no words that can properly capture a tragedy, especially those that are attacks against innocence and freedom. The attack in Paris, the City of Light, is a part of the many that have been happening worldwide. And just as September 11th, 2001 hit close to home for me, so too did this strike against Paris, a city that I had the opportunity to visit and fell in love with. May the world find peace, and may those that seek to bring evil into it be stopped.


There was a striking of a clock, the telling of the time.

There was a glimmer of laughter, a hushed happiness of a kind,

Crockery and silverware filled the languid streets with happy sounds.

And in the distance, the symbol of a great country stood proud.

There is evil in this world, an evil we cannot understand,

An echoing of lost souls that take because they can.

The cry of glass that shatters and the screams that fill the streets,

And in the distance still stands the symbol of love and peace.

You lay a flower on the ground and burning a candle sits,

The symbols of our loss, a single flame that remains lit.

Until the wax has been drawn down and the light flickers out,

And in the distance, in the darkness, still the tower stands stout.

Prayers are flying through the sky tonight, you tell your little one,

And your own prayers fly low over this family that you love.

Tomorrow will come and this nightmare will still lay like mist,

But in the face of horrors you find that humanity still exists.

Can you imagine a world without division, without divide?

A place where everyone works together to best survive,

A time where all are happy and peace blooms bright,

A Paris night where this city is once again the City of Light.