Dream the Dream

Dream the dream. That one that you have been keeping close to your heart and only bringing out late at night when you are alone and the stars are bright. That one that you tell only a few people about because you don’t believe it can ever come true.

Right now, this moment, it’s just another step on the path that you are meant to walk. It’s another stone that you use to build the beautiful place you will one day live. It’s another minute spent learning or knowing or breathing. It isn’t a waste. Wherever you are right now, it isn’t the end or the beginning- it’s somewhere in the middle and it counts.

That thing on your shoulder, the one creating a tightness that hurts and tenses throughout your day- love it. It is the reminder that you are alive and you care. It is the reminder that stress is a part of the human soul and we have to learn how to embrace it if we are ever going to understand it.

Wonder why you are human. Wonder what it means. Create a place where your dream can sit and grow and thrive. It deserves a beautiful garden, or a sandcastle by the sea, or a seat at a window overlooking imposing mountains. Don’t put it in the darkness of your drawer. Don’t set it down low at the bottom of your bookshelf where you will never see it. Perhaps you don’t have time for it to sit directly before you, but put it somewhere where it won’t die. Give it light and songs and stars.

Dream, and don’t be afraid to see it be born. For dreams are meant for the living.