Spring Break in Italy, Part 1 Siena

Where did two weeks go? Better question- where did eight months go?! Time speeds up when there isn’t a lot of it left, and I’m sorry to have been MIA. But before we get all sentimental and emotional, let’s jump back in time to a happy place. Italia. The big semana santa in which we get ten days […]

Exploring the Beauty of Portugal

When I first mentioned Portugal, my roommate gave me plenty of recommendations. He had just gone a month earlier and was one of the reasons my interest had sparked. I knew I wanted to do Lisbon, and had debated about including Porto or the south on my itinerary. But the truth was, planning so much […]

Did Someone Say Carnival?

Carnival, or here, carnaval. A time of extremes, crazy costumes, drinking, and partying. It is the celebration of excess right before the beginning of Lent. And though I was aware of Carnaval (think Mardi Gras and things in South America) it was low on my radar that Spain actively celebrated this holiday. In fact, huge parties happen […]

“Kids Say the Darndest Things”

And Spanish kids, even more so. Many years ago, when I was still in school at Longwood University, I declared my major- English. And every single person I met asked, “You’re going to be a teacher, right?” Because what else can you do with a major like that? (Trust me, I’m still figuring it out.) […]

A Walk Through Evening

The weather this past week has been crazy. Pouring showers of rain, warm temps paired with icy, roaring winds. Even today. Today was cold morning, windy afternoon, and beautiful, mild evening. So I went for a walk. Something that I’ve always liked to do. To clear my head. To shake off the cobwebs of a […]